Acupuncture for Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain

Using acupuncture for neck, shoulder and back pain

Living with persistent neck, shoulder or back pain can be exhausting and have a real impact on a person’s quality of life. Environmental factors such as work, stress and daily living can contribute to the experience of pain. Acupuncturists use a combination of gentle but precise acupuncture points to relieve muscular tension and pain in these areas.

Some of the common causes of neck and shoulder pain are:

  • Poor sitting posture,
  • Poor sleeping posture,
  • Muscle strain,
  • Overexertion,
  • Sprain.

The possible common causes of back pain in today's lifestyle are:

  • Lack of exercise,
  • Incorrect posture,
  • Long hours of sitting,
  • Stress,
  • Being overweight,
  • Bad dietary habits,
  • Improper exercise without proper guidance,
  • Spasms of back muscles and soft tissues.

The neck, shoulders and back are connected through muscle, fascia and connective tissue. Contraction of these muscles from a variety of causes leads to tension which can the lead to pain. Pain can vary in severity, location and sensation.

Acupuncture works in several ways to deal with neck, shoulder and back pain:

  • A prescription of acupuncture points will be used to release muscular tension and promote circulation to the affected area,
  • Other methods (e.g. cupping) may be incorporated to address tension, tightness or pain locally,
  • Acupuncture will actively address stress levels which are maybe contributing to the tension,
  • Lifestyle changes such as exercise may be recommended.

Treatment is tailored to the needs to each individual.

Acupuncture may be prescribed on a recurring basis for a limited period of time to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, ease tension and return mobility for the patient.

Acupuncture has been shown to be more cost-effective treatment compared to usual care for patients with chronic back pain.

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