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The Acupuncture & Herb Clinic Galway

Acupuncture and Herb Clinic Lobby

Situated in Nile Lodge, Lower Salthill, the Acupuncture and Herb Clinic clinic first opened its doors in february 2002.

Since then the clinic has specialised in acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic.

Chinese medicine will help your body to heal itself naturally and as well as treating your specific health complaints it also improves general wellbeing and energy levels.

Acupuncture Treatment Room

Areas that are commonly seen and treated at the clinic include fertility, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, cardio-vascular disorders, psychological conditions, female problems and pain.

For a more specific list of complaints treated at the clinic please refer to the Commonly Treated Problems section.


Acupuncture is a drug free healthcare system which is over 5000 years old. It involves the skilled technique of inserting tiny hair-thin needles into specific acupuncture points on the body to help the body restore health on a physical, psychological and emotional level. It treats both the symptoms and the underlying cause of the problem. By using acupuncture we are directing the body to heal itself.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the practice of combining a number of different herbs into a tailor made prescription. Like acupuncture, its focus is to help and support the body's self healing ability. Herbs are selected carefully and are given to a patient in the form of a boiled tea, pills, granules or tincture extracts. A herbal medicine formula is typically made from 10-15 different herbs which are determined by the individuals complaint. These prescriptions are made specifically to fit each individual.


Moxabustion is a relaxing and gentle heat treatment in which the Chinese herb mugwort is applied to the body or directly onto the acupuncture needle.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture is a type of acupuncture which involves treating the outter surface of the ear. It is used to treat addictions, mood disorders, obesity and pain amongst other conditions.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is an effective method of removing fine lines and softening deeper lines from all over the face. Also known as cosmetic acupuncture, it reduces bags and dark circles from under the eyes and improves the tone and texture of the skin.

Dietary Nutrition

Dietary Nutrition involves advise on certain food and drink consumption to eliminate disease and speed recovery.

Lifestyle Advice

This concentrates on identifying and eliminating factors in the patient’s lifestyle that may contribute to the cause or continuation of a health complaint.

To find out more about our range of treatments please call Saffron on 087 299 9482 or email health@acupunctureandherbclinic.ie.